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12 Totally Awkward Solo Travel Situations & How to Cope

Traveling solo is a superb choice as you’ll be able to take pleasure in your independence and you may freely roam around every time and wherever you like with none sort of strain. But typically this solo traveling can end up to be actually dangerous due to some actually silly and awkward Solo Travel Situations that one can face on his/her solo trip. On a solo trip, you get to meet new individuals and typically even make new associates with whom you’ll be able to roam around and have chatting periods as nicely.

Solo touring is principally touring on your own particular person terms and circumstances and you may change your plans everytime you like with none sort of stress because you are totally alone on the trip. So, there isn’t a one to snub you or to ask you as to why do you modify your plan the very last minute. Though there are various advantages when a person travels alone, however there are some disadvantages as properly which you have to be aware of earlier than you propose a solo journey. You must do correct and detailed research of the place which you’re visiting alone and also needs to take alongside the required necessities which you assume you will be unable to discover there. But typically, even when we go ready, we’re caught in some really awkward situations the place we’re unable to discover any sort of answer which can assist us to escape that troublesome state of affairs. So, here we are offering you an inventory of awkward conditions that a person touring alone might face and how to cope up with these awkward Solo Travel Situations. Do verify them out.

12 Totally Awkward Solo Travel Situations & How to Cope:-

  1. Flawed communication with the pharmacist

This one is actually a really dangerous and awkward Solo Travel Situations if you find yourself on a solo trip and also you want to go to the chemist shop to buy some drugs however the pharmacist truly provides you some other drugs as an alternative of the original one, all due to communication gap and lack of knowledge. When you’re not in a position to clarify as to what sort of drugs you require truly require truly lands you in a very embarrassing state of affairs. The perfect answer to this drawback is to all the time take along a phrase ebook with you or as an alternative carry your personal personal medical provides so that you simply don’t want to go to the pharmacist and in flip, you don’t get into a clumsy state of affairs where you start feeling embarrassed and pissed off. This factor principally happens in nations the place the local language just isn’t English.

  1. Lack of communication with the taxi driver

Usually when one travels alone, the most effective source for transportation or to go from one place to the opposite is hiring a taxi which is sort of convenient and straightforward to avail as well as in contrast to different local transport. But the issue arises once you hire a taxi and the driving force don’t perceive English as he only speaks the native language of that area due to which you’re unable to clarify the destination you need to reach at that exact level of time. This may end up in a very horrifying state of affairs where one can even get lost some other place the place you’re unable to find the proper location. Then, finally you want to take assist from the local police which is again a hustle. To keep away from such a state of affairs, one should all the time carry a map of the town by which he/she is touring and aside from that one ought to all the time carry an emergency telephone of an area good friend to whom one can name when caught in such a clumsy state of affairs.

  1. Confusion on the railway station

Getting confused at the railway station is a quite a standard drawback among the tourists who journey alone. Usually, solo travelers land themselves in a clumsy Solo Travel Situations when either they buy a fallacious ticket and reach an unknown place the place there isn’t any place to escape or they get into a mistaken practice which additionally lands them in an identical state of affairs. When you end up in a completely unknown city on their lonesome, you are feeling upset and embarrassed. So, the most effective answer to this drawback is all the time considering before you do something, especially if you find yourself touring alone and you have less information of the town which is completely new to you. If the ticket counter individuals do not understand your language, give him in writing your identify of the destination and the departure timings.

  1. Fallacious meals order

This one other widespread state of affairs that folks usually face once they journey alone in a completely totally different metropolis the place the local language isn’t English and also you land your self in a multitude by ordering the improper food which you can’t eat. This happens when you’re not conscious of the native cuisines of the town and also you randomly order one thing by just discovering the dish identify engaging and cool however you do not know that you’ve truly ordered a dish you can’t eat, particularly in case you are a vegan. At such a clumsy state of affairs, you’ll be able to neither throw the meals because you are in a restaurant nor you possibly can return the dish to the lodge individuals. One of the best answer is to all the time write down on a bit of paper and convey it to the chef that you’re a vegan otherwise you’re left with no other choice but to attempt the dish.

  1. Sudden strangers

If you journey solo to a completely totally different place the place you have no idea anybody, you bought to beware of the strangers out there. Typically, what occurs is that you simply meet a stranger and find him fairly sort and helpful and you start chit chatting with him, but you have no idea when this stranger will ditch you and may even take away your valuables and different issues due to his dangerous intentions. This may increasingly truly land you in a very dangerous state of affairs where you should not have another choice than to contact the local police which in flip will make your trip turn into a nasty experience and you’d never need to go to that place again in your life. You must all the time be assertive and will all the time have an excellent presence of thoughts and whenever you odor something fishy, immediately again out of the state of affairs and keep distance from the stranger.

  1. Alone in remote area

We all the time are of the view that solo touring is the best choice to take pleasure in a perfect getaway where you could have your personal guidelines and there’s no one to intrude or query your selections, but typically traveling alone can end up to be really dangerous and awkward especially in case you are traveling to a distant vacation spot. An individual will truly understand the significance of a companion when he’ll find himself totally alone in a distant and abandoned space and there’s no one there with whom you’ll be able to speak with. This lacking state of affairs usually occurs if you end up touring barefoot and you have crossed miles but still haven’t found anyone to speak to. This Solo Travel Situations can end up to be an emotional breakdown for you the place you truly begin lacking your loved ones. In case you are caught in such a state of affairs, attempt to divert your mind and benefit from the current state of affairs or immediately make a video call to your family members which may give you some kind of aid.

  1. Sitting alone on a table for eight

In case you love travelling alone however then again you’re keen on socializing as properly, you then may find yourself in a clumsy state of affairs for those who land in a restaurant and sit on a desk for eight on their lonesome and there’s no one to speak to and also you also haven’t any other means to entertain yourself apart from consuming your ordered food and watching other individuals guffawing and feeling jealous of them. At that time of time, you understand that should have had a company in your trip as a result of solo traveling is definitely not working for you. The one answer is as already informed you could either concentrate on your food or begin chit chatting with the lodge employees or even with the individuals dining on the market.

  1. Ladies issues

In case you are a solo traveler and that too lady and you’re traveling in a rustic the place the customs and the tradition on the market are quite totally different from yours, then you will certainly wind up in a clumsy or completely silly Solo Travel Situations. The awkward state of affairs arises if you end up an unmarried lady and has crossed the 30 age group which is usually the age bar for ladies in sure nations to get married and plus you’re travelling on their lonesome, then the native individuals out there will take a look at you fairly weirdly as they assume that you must have gotten married at this time limit and will look after your youngsters and home as an alternative of travelling to numerous nations. One of the best answer is to keep away from these silly remarks and don’t let them effect as you’re only a vacationer on the market and every country have a unique culture which you can’t change.

  1. Stalked by a man

This one is actually an enormous drawback faced by the solo ladies travelers as a result of this factor can truly turn out to be fairly critical which in turn could make their lives hell. Usually, when ladies journey alone to totally different nations, they are stalked by guys who first start off with the eve teasing process and then steadily start stalking and even harassing the ladies finally making their life hell. These individuals ought to truly understand that they’re your nation’s friends and they need to not do such low cost issues which in turn can badly have an effect on their nation’s tourism business. To avoid such Solo Travel Situations, ladies travelers should all the time have with the nation’s ladies helpline quantity on which they will name each time in want. Aside from that ladies should all the time hold in their luggage a pepper spray or a small knife which they will use to shield themselves from such stalkers.

  1. Made enjoyable off

That is another Solo Travel Situations during which the solo vacationers get stuck in and there is no means to escape out of the stupid state of affairs. This usually occurs when you’ve got a special skin shade or hair colour and also you don’t know their local language as nicely. Due to this the nation individuals typically begin making enjoyable of you and make you are feeling actually embarrassed. In case you are travelling with your family or associates, then such problems don’t affect you however in case you are on their lonesome on the journey and you haven’t even made an area good friend out there, then this factor will definitely have an effect on you quite badly and may even lead to the problem of inferiority complicated which can stay in your head all your lifetime and you’ll by no means ever really feel to travel anyplace alone. The answer to this drawback is to either avoid or ignore such silly remarks or make them understand that everybody is equal which quite a troublesome activity.

  1. Combined Emotions

Once you travel alone, you usually feel that you will that you simply don’t require an organization because you’ll be able to take pleasure in probably the most if you end up alone, however somewhere down the top you do miss your companion for positive and you aren’t in a position to share this sense of missing with anybody since you are on their lonesome. Although a solo journey is probably the most pleasant but for the duration of time, you truly understand that your associate should have been there with you on the journey and that you might have enjoyed more on the trip together with your soul mate. So, principally, the emotions are combined. So, at this time limit, you’ll be able to either make a name to your companion and tell him/her that you simply missing him/her or just simply let go of the feeling.

  1. You’re the only solo traveler

This is truly quite a Solo Travel Situations when all the other individuals in your group are traveling with their companions and you’re the odd one out who is touring on their lonesome. At this point of time, you truly start feeling jealous of the couples around you and in addition miss your soul mate as properly. So, in order to keep away from it, you better change your angle if you need to take pleasure in your journey.

So, these are the 12 completely awkward Solo Travel Situations that folks face.