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12 Bridges That Cross International Borders

Bridges have been around since time immemorial, as man has attempted to cross raging rivers or great divides. From fallen timber and stepping stones, to boardwalks, rope bridges, and the engineering wonders we see immediately, bridges have been the very important hyperlink for connecting places. All through history, bridges have also had their justifiable share of controversy particularly once they have been the hyperlink between two totally different nations. Bridges that start in a single nation-state and finish in one other have been featured in fairly a couple of films for the roles that they’ve played in shaping a nation’s historical past. The 12 cross border bridges listed under, might not all have grand designs however some do have a bit of intrigue and historical past hooked up to them.


Svinesund Bridge, Norway-Sweden – There are two bridges 704 meters lengthy (2,310 ft.) that span the Iddefjord River connecting Norway and Sweden. The previous bridge referred to as Svinesundsbron in Swedish was opened with great fanfare in 1946 by the king of Norway and the Swedish crown prince. Although the previous bridge had been constructed through the period between 1939 and 1946, the opening was delayed due to the struggle. The newer version which value £46 million was built between 2003 and 2005 and opened for visitors on June 13, 2005.


Rainbow Bridge, Canada-USA – The arch bridge across the Niagara Gorge is a well-renowned vacationer website connecting the cities of Niagara Falls in america and Canada. Each cities on both aspect of the 440 meters (1,450 ft.) bridge share the same identify. The bridge was formally opened on November 1, in 1941 and has since been a well-liked destination for tourists wanting a better view of the gorgeous Niagara Falls. Publish 9/11 security on the bridge has been tightened and strolling over the bridge just isn’t as straightforward because it was.


Frankfurt-Slubice Bridge, Germany-Poland – The River Oder serves as the border between Poland and Germany, extending for 200 miles (321 Km). The town of Slubice which is now part of Poland sits simply across the river from the town of Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany. The 220 meters (722ft) bridge that connects the two towns is an open border bridge which signifies that residents can walk throughout to either city freely, with out having to prove their nationality. Nevertheless, this was not all the time the case. In the course of the Chilly Warfare and even after the reunification of Germany until 2007, rigid border controls made it troublesome for residents between the two cities to cross over. This changed in 2011 when all obstacles for Polish staff getting into Germany have been removed.


Bridge of The Americas, Panama–United States – Initially named Thatcher Ferry Bridge, the Bridge of the Americas is a cantilever bridge which has a total length of 1,654 meters (5,425 ft). The bridge which connects Panama to america of America was as soon as a key a part of the Pan-American Freeway. Built between 1959 and 1962, the bridge was the primary connecting route between America and Panama till the Centennial Bridge was opened in 2004 to ease the congestion on the bridge. The clearance underneath the primary span is 61.three meters ( 201 ft) which is sort of restrictive for ships crossing underneath this bridge.


Guadiana International Bridge, Spain-Portugal – The cable-stayed bridge throughout the river Guardia is 666 meters long and connects the city of Ayamonte in Spain with that of Castro Marim in Portugal. Accomplished in 1991, the bridge links Portugal’s A22 motorway to Spain’s A-49 Motorway. The bridge is among the longest in Spain and the third longest bridge in Portugal. A smaller bridge 20 miles upstream, near the Portuguese village of Pomaro, the Lower Guadiana International Bridge, additionally connects the 2 nations.


Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia-Zimbabwe – The Victoria Falls Bridge was inspired by Cecil Rhodes who instructed his engineers to build a bridge across the Zambezi River in order that the trains passing by would catch the spray of the Falls. Sadly, Rhodes by no means received to see the bridge as he died earlier than development started. The parabolic arch was prefabricated in England after which shipped and transported to the Victoria Falls where it was set up in 14 months. The 198 meters (650ft) bridge which was opened on 12 September 1905 by Professor George Darwin (son of Charles Darwin), connects Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Puente Libertador Basic San Martin, Uruguay-Argentina – This cantilever street bridge constructed across the Uruguay River connects Argentina and Uruguay. The whole length of the bridge is 3,408 meters (11,181 ft) with a bigger portion of it lying inside Argentina. Opened on September 16, 1976, the bridge was named after Basic Jose de San Martin, a key figure in each nation’s wrestle for independence from Spain.


Tancredo Neves Bridge, Argentina-Brazil – Better referred to as Fraternity Bridge, this hole field, cantilever bridge connects Brazil with Argentina. The 489 meters (1,604 ft) bridge built over the Iguassu River, was officially opened on November 29, 1985. It is named after Tancredo Neves, a Brazilian politician who was elected because the President of Brazil in 1985 but died before he took office. The bridge serves as an excellent vantage point for viewing the Iguacu Falls.


Bridge of No Return, North Korea-South Korea – This slightly fascinating bridge is situated in the Joint Security Space and connects the two Koreas across the Sachong River. The bridge is not in use however has plenty of historic significance. The rationale for its identify is due to Operation Huge Change, a prisoner change settlement which happened here after the Korea conflict in 1953. Prisoners had to decide on which aspect of the bridge they selected to reside in and once that they had made their selection, there was no turning again, therefore the identify. The bridge was used for prisoner exchanges once again in 1968 when the crew of the united statesPueblo have been released and crossed into South Korea by way of the bridge.


Øresund Bridge, Denmark-Sweden – Øresund Bridge which runs throughout the Øresund Strait connecting Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmo in Sweden, is the longest mixed street and rail bridge in Europe. This 7,845 meter (25,738 ft) cable-stayed bridge which begins at the Swedish coast ends on the substitute island Perberholm which is in the midst of the strait. The remainder of the crossing is completed by means of the four km Drogden Tunnel. The rationale for having a tunnel fairly than continuing with the bridge was to avoid interference with air visitors from the Copenhagen Airport and in addition to offer a transparent channel for ships no matter what the weather circumstances. The Øresund Bridge which opened on July 1, 2000, acquired the IABSE Excellent Structure Award in 2002.


Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge, Canada-United States – This pale green suspension bridge built throughout the Saint Lawrence River and Saint Lawrence Seaway, connects Ogdensburg in the USA to Johnstown in Canada, which is a couple of kilometers east of Prescott. Resulting from its proximity to Ottawa on the Canadian aspect, the 2.4 km lengthy bridge is a well-liked border crossing for passenger automobiles. The bridge got here into the general public eye in 2015, when the Prime Minister of Canada on the time, Stephen Harper, made a fake pas when he stood in entrance of the bridge and praised the local shipbuilding business. The issue was that he appeared to have stood in front of the fallacious bridge because the shipbuilding business he was referring to was in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Three Nations Bridge, Switzerland-Germany-France – This 248 meter (814 ft) arch bridge is the world’s longest single-span bridge which is solely for pedestrians and cyclists. The Three Nations Bridge gets its identify because of its location between Switzerland, Germany, and France. The bridge which was opened in July 2007, was assembled in Huninge after which transported to its present location on the river Rhine.

Simply So You Know…

  • On Might 18, 2010, one of many protective bases of the Bridge of the Americas was struck by the majority cargo ship Atlantic Hero. Thankfully, there were no casualties and no injury was achieved to the bridge.
  • The Victoria Falls Bridge was the location for unsuccessful peace talks between the 2 nations in 1975. The events met in a practice carriage on the bridge above the gorge for 9 and a half hours.
  • The Shearwater bungee leap with a bungee swing and zip-line is situated on the Victoria Falls Bridge.
  • The Svinesund Bridge was partially destroyed in 1942 when lightning by chance ignited explosives which had been positioned on the bridge as a defense measure.
  • Residents from Franfurt an de Oder, Germany recurrently cross over the bridge to Slubice to purchase cigarettes that are cheaper in Poland.
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